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Build your skills in the
Scaffolding sector...

Looking for a change in sector or a new career path?

Join our four week pre-apprenticeship course and learn if this is the career for you...


Learn from experienced industry professionals

With years of experience, our teachers ensure you're getting the most in-depth education garnered from their expansive knowledge of the scaffolding industry. 


Learn in a safe yet accurate work setting

The outdoors are your office so you should get used to learning there and not in a classroom. You'll learn in well equipped and laid out premises offering a realistic taste of the standard working environments you'd face in real life. 



Teachers with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in training people.

Real -World


Learn the ropes in accurate settings and conditions. Build up your practical knowledge outside of a classroom.  

Industry -recognized

Study a pre-apprenticeship programme approved by the CITB and delivered by CITB-registered bodies. 

Why Choose Us

Course Overview

In the first week we will begin your introduction with an induction explaining what will be required from you and what you can expect from the course, whilst also ensuring you will be ready, by the end of the 1st week, to carry out an operative test so you can obtain your CSCS qualification.


We believe the 1st week will be crucial to ensuring you are ready to progress further into the course as you will learn all you need to know about the materials and tools required to carry out the initial basic tasks.

Week One

Week 2 is where you will really begin to get a feel for scaffolding...


Throughout your 2nd week we will be taking you into the yard to take part in the daily duties including loading and unloading trucks, learning how we store all our materials away and how important it is that everything has a place.


During this practical training we will also be ensuring that you are made aware of how to carry out these basic tasks whilst being protected by our strict health and safety standards.

Week Two

Week 3 will be all about kit maintenance.


Scaffolding is expensive to replace so in the 3rd week we aim to teach you how to get the most out of the kit used and what to look out for whilst carrying out your daily duties as you work your way up through the ranks. 

Week Three

     In the 4th and final week of the programme you will be offered the chance to visit a live site.


If you have managed to complete your 1 day operative test and obtained your CSCS card you will be able to take part in the day's tasks along with our trained professionals.


This will be a chance for you to get the ultimate real feel for what scaffolding is all about.

Week Four

Course Pricing

Our courses operate at a fixed cost of £1,200 per individual. This includes all of your course materials made available to you digitally as an editable workbook. 

If you're coming to us from a school or college working with us,the course is funded by that establishment so ask your place of education if they're already partnered with us.

Alternatively, if you're currently employed by a construction organisation and they've sent you to us to help improve your skills, they may be eligible for course funding...


As this is a CITB approved short course, if your organisation is CITB registered, it may be able to claim the cost of the training back through funding. Ask your CITB point of contact for more information regarding this as there may be further details pertinent to you. 

Construction Portrait
Our Introduction to Scaffolding course is a perfect jumping off point for anyone looking to break into the industry and to learn from professionals.
No expectations, prior skills or experience are necessary, this course is designed for anyone to come along and learn...

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